How to Get Last-Minute Hotel Deals in 2024

According to Sojern's research on booking windows, more than 60% of domestic hotel bookings in the USA are made within 7 days of travel. There are so many accommodation options in 2024 that travelers are willing to wait until right before a trip to book their stays. Private apartment and house rentals compete with traditional hotels and increase the supply of rooms, creating more options and downward pressure on prices. 

We've compiled a list of travel tips and hacks to help you find the best deals on last-minute hotels in 2024.

Location, Location, Location

Finding last-minute hotel deals in New York or Los Angeles in popular locations can be nearly impossible. Sure you can find rooms available but since hotels can update prices in real-time, many of them have implemented pricing engines to dynamically change prices based on predicted demand. If there are popular events in the city, prices may go astronomically high for the best neighborhoods. It's not uncommon for hotspots to get completely booked up in peak periods, so if you are dead set on that Eiffel Tower view from your Paris hotel, you'd better book at least two weeks out. 

Guest Ratings versus Star Ratings

It's common now to see guest ratings given a prominent position on hotel booking sites. The actual star rating of the hotel (the traditional 1 through 5-star rating) is sometimes obscured, in an effort to pass off 3-star hotels as 4+ stars. The prices look more attractive that way, for the unsuspecting hotel booker. Be sure to check both the guest rating AND the star rating separately before making your booking decision. Just as a reminder, a 1 or 2-star hotel is bare-bones and may include sharing a bathroom. A 3-star hotel is considered average quality and service, meaning you'll most likely be satisfied but not impressed. A 4-star hotel will have above-average facilities and friendly staff. The 5-star experience is the best service, often personalized, with the most luxurious rooms and facilities. 

When using the GoLastMinute hotel search, you can filter guest ratings and star ratings individually. You can also filter for star ratings and then sort the list by guest rating. This method enables you to filter for 4 and 5-star hotels and then sort by guest rating. You can filter for guest ratings and then sort by price as well. Using these tools in combination is the best way to find hotel deals that will meet your expectations in facilities and overall guest experience. 

Last Minute Hotel Ratings

Peak Periods

It's common knowledge that hotels are more expensive on weekend nights and cheaper during the week. But keep in mind that conferences and events can cause a room shortage, as in the case of a large convention or popular event like a marathon race. If you are finding only expensive options on your travel dates, it could be for this reason. You can always Google for events and conferences to see if that could be causing the problem and then alter your travel dates to avoid the rush. 

On-Site Amenities

Hotels add amenities and features to increase the value of their property. A pool, gym, sauna, or restaurant makes the hotel more comfortable for guests and therefore can command higher nightly prices. Knowing this, you can use search filters only to include the amenities you are the most interested in to get the best deal. For example, if you are on vacation you may not need a full gym and would prefer an outdoor pool and attached restaurant. If you are taking a work trip, you may prioritize Internet access and a lounge to entertain clients. After selecting your accommodation amenities, sort by price or check the map to continue your research.

Last Minute Hotel Features

Property Themes

The GoLastMinute hotel search includes filters for property themes. This is helpful for finding a good deal on a hotel for your specific trip. You can filter by themes such as Food / Dining, City, Shopping, Sightseeing, Luxury, Business, Family and more. Use these filters to find what you are looking for much more quickly and easily.

Last Minute Hotel Themes

Map Hacks

The best way to use the hotel search map feature is to set all of your filters including price, stars, guest rating, Internet and others, and then zoom in to locate the properties that match. You can click the markers to see a photo and the price, and to click through for booking. If you don't see hotels in the areas you are interested in, you can alter your filters and view the map again. 

On a laptop, you'll see the filters on the left which makes it super easy. 

Last Minute Hotel Map

On mobile and tablet, you'll need to tap the Filter button while viewing the map to change your filters.

Last Minute Hotel Map Mobile

Hotel Chains and Rewards

The GoLastMinute hotel search offers a filter for hotel chains, and in some cases links to book directly with the hotel. This way you can still accrue hotel rewards that would otherwise not be available if you booked through a booking site. 

Last Minute Book With Hotel

Alternative Accommodation

In addition to hotels, you can also find alternative accommodations such as private apartments and whole-house vacation rentals. Just use the Property Types filter to find these alternative options.

Last Minute Hotel Types

Last-Minute Deals by City

If you don't have a specific plan and want to browse different cities to see what is available for booking last minute, you can always browse our last-minute deals to top cities. You'll see sample hotel pricing to get an idea of the general range of prices available, and can make a hotel search to get more refined results. We have thousands of cities in the directory that you can research to find interesting hotel options for your next trip. Enjoy!