5 Can't-Miss Activites During a Jamaica Vacation

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The island of Jamaica is one of the most well-known destinations in the Caribbean, and is a popular destination for tourists. Whether you are flying to Jamaica or stopping by on a cruise, you will want to make the most of any trip here. Sure, you could just hang out at the beach all day and that might be all you need to feel like you’ve experienced the island. But they have much more to offer than just the same sunny beaches that you can find anywhere in the Caribbean. To help you make the most of your trip, we’ve got our picks for the 5 must-see spots in Jamaica. 

Dunn's River Falls

The cascading falls of Dunn's River

(Image provided by Adobe Stock)

Located conveniently close to Ocho Rios, Dunn’s River Falls is one of the most iconic natural attractions in Jamaica, almost rivaling Reggae for the spot of most recognizable feature of the island. Here, terraced waterfalls tumble over dome-shaped cataracts creating a mesmerizing natural staircase that tourists can climb and wade in. This area is a great place for nature lovers and hikers, it is the perfect place to snag some pictures for your socials, and is even magical enough to be a proposal-worthy spot. The fact that it is free to see and easy to access makes it an easy pick for any trip to Jamaica.

Bob Marley Museum 

A guitae with the colors of the Jamaican flag

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Bob Marley may just be the most well-known and recognizable figure to come out of Jamaica, so any trip here should probably include a stop to the Bob Marley Museum. Located in Kingston, it is the former home and studio of the famed reggae artist, which has been turned into a museum commemorating the life and influence of the man himself. Here you can see exhibits that teach about his life, witness memorabilia that belonged to him, and take guided tours where you will learn about his influence in the music world. At time of writing, it is only $25 to enter the museum and take a tour, so it is definitely worth stopping by. 

Blue Hole (Secret Falls)

A tranquil pool in the middle of the rainforest

(Image provided by Adobe Stock)

Another natural phenomenon near Ocho Rios, the Blue Hole will give you the feeling of visiting a hidden-away secret pool in the rainforest. This place feels like the type of place where you would expect to find a pirate's treasure or magical creatures living in the trees (even though it is a well known and regularly visited spot). The clear blue waters of this secluded pool are surrounded by lush rainforest, creating something straight out of a movie. Not only can you swim in these pristine waters, you can jump from cliffs, swing from ropes, and scale the waterfall that feeds the pool. If you are in Jamaica during a cruise stop, you may even be able to take an excursion that pairs this with Dunn’s River Falls for a double feature!

Rafting on the Martha Brae River

A man paddling on a bamboo raft

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The Martha Brae River has the distinction of being the #1 rafting attraction on the island of Jamaica, and it isn’t difficult to see why. This river is 20 miles of tranquil waters surrounded by lush rainforest that you can take a guided rafting excursion on. At the embarkation point for the rafting tour, you will find picnic grounds with amenities like a full service bar, two souvenir shops, a swimming pool, and modern restrooms. There you will board 30-foot long bamboo rafts with the aid of an experienced, certified raft captain for a 1 hour long trip down 3 miles of vibrant waters. Out on the water, your guide will tell you about the area and legends of the river.

Green Grotto Caves

An underground pool in the Green Grotto Caves

(Image provided by Adobe Stock)

Finally, we come to the Green Grotto Caves located in Discovery Bay. These fascinating caves are composed of beautiful limestone walls that house underground pools decorated with countless stalactites and stalagmites. This is a caving experience that is fit for anyone, as guided tours ensure your safety as you explore this expansive labyrinth. Be sure to bring your camera along, as you are going to want some pictures of this otherworldly adventure. At time of writing, it is only $20 to take a tour for adults, making it quite the bargain to explore one of the most iconic and magical sites in Jamaica!

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