Best Vacation Destinations from Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport


Everyone needs to take an impromptu vacation from time to time, and for residents of Montréal, that means being able to find cheap last-minute flights from Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Unfortunately, flight prices at this airport tend to be a little pricier, but there are some good deals to be had. If you pick your destination carefully, then it is possible to take a two to three day vacation while keeping your costs below US$500. Just shop around for your flight and plan some cheap or free activities, and you can fit that much needed vacation. (And if you are not a resident of Montréal, don’t worry; many of these tips may still work for you!)

Finding Last-Minute Flights from Montréal

A highway sign for Montreal International Airport

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When you are trying to take a last-minute, budget vacation, then one of the biggest factors that can determine your destination is the cost of your flights. Unless you are looking at destinations within driving distance, then you will need to pick a destination that has cheap flights available. Fortunately, you can sign-up for fare alerts whenever you complete a GoLastMinute flight search so that you can stay up to date with live pricing. Consider flying during the weekdays, when demand is lower, as well as during red eye and early morning flights. If you keep an eye on multiple potential destinations, then you can plan a last-minute vacation when the prices drop!


The streets of Toronto during the day

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While any big city has plenty of wallet-emptying activities that can make you feel like it is a bad place for a budget vacation, they also typically have more than enough free activities to fill a cheap vacation too, and Toronto is a prime example. If you’ve never been, there are a few public parks that you can enjoy for walking around, having a picnic, playing games, or just people watching. Toronto also has a beautiful waterfront venue with scenic views of Lake Ontario at the Harbourfront Centre. In the Queen Street West neighborhood, you can find Graffiti Alley, where you can admire the ever-changing outdoor gallery made by local artists. Or take a ferry to the Toronto Islands and enjoy a day at the beach. Just walking around town and using public transportation, there’s plenty to do on a budget.

Fort Lauderdale

A beach in Fort Lauderdale at sunset

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Of all the places you could go in the US, Fort Lauderdale is one of the cheaper destinations. And being a beach town means that you won’t have to think hard to figure out something cheap to do. They have some of the best beaches in the world, where you can swim, engage in watersports, or just bathe in the sun. It also happens to be a relatively cheap vacation destination. The trick is to get a hotel that isn’t right by the beach and use public transportation to get around. This will save money on your lodging, while you can save money on food by buying street food instead of going out.


The skyline of Halifax seen from the air

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Halifax is a coastal gem that makes for a great budget destination, especially because flights from Montréal tend to be pretty cheap. Being a waterfront town means there are beachfront activities to enjoy, as well as fresh-caught seafood to indulge in. Head to a street market to pack a picnic, and enjoy a day at the beach where you can grab some pictures while you enjoy your lunch. History buffs can check out historic places like the Halifax Citadel and the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, which have reasonable admission fees. Walking the streets, you are likely to encounter street performers and other free entertainment, so walking the town is enough of an activity all on its own!

Santo Domingo

An ariel view of Santo Domingo

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If you can find a good flight price to any destination in the Caribbean, then it can potentially make for a good budget destination, but our pick is Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It is possible to find flights here for only a few hundred dollars, and lodging and dining tend to be pretty cheap. Hanging out at the beach, trying some local street food, and simply enjoying the city is enough to fill a vacation, so your flight ticket will be your only major expense. Just make sure to avoid the luxury, beachfront resorts, and your hotel options should be pretty affordable.

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