4 Cheap Activities to Do During a Trip to Atlanta, GA

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Tens of millions of people visit Atlanta each year for a variety of different reasons. These trips can be for sporting events, business conferences, educational purposes, or even just to enjoy the culture and nightlife. Maybe you're here for a business conference, and need something to do in the evenings. Or maybe you came into town to see a game at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and are looking for something cheap to do the day before. Maybe you found a cheap, last-minute flight to Atlanta and decided to take an impromptu vacay. Whatever brings you into town, you will want to take advantage of all the city has to offer. Fortunately, there are a number of free or cheap things that you can enjoy to spruce up your trip. Read on to explore our recommendations for inexpensive activities to do during a trip to Atlanta, GA.

The Atlanta BeltLine

A wall of murals runs along a paved pathway

(Image provided by Unsplash)

The Atlanta BeltLine is often compared to New York City’s High Line, but this industrious promenade is in fact significantly longer. It is currently still being constructed and when it is complete, it will circle the entire city and run for 22 miles. Not just a curiosity, the BeltLine seeks to connect communities and neighborhoods that were historically segregated by infrastructure, adding walkable pathways and a light rail transit system. Along the paths, you will find many restaurants, shops, and bars, highlighting the best of Atlanta’s culinary scene and diverse culture. Whether you are an avid hiker, a professed foodie, or a student of history, there is something here for everyone. While you may be tempted to shop at one of the stores along the way, walking the BeltLine itself is free of charge, making it a good activity for anyone looking for something that costs no money at all.

The High Museum of Art

A sculture of a woman on display at High Museum of Art

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Known to highlight both classic and contemporary artists, the High Museum of Art stands out as one of the best museums in Atlanta. They house over 18,000 works of European and American art, with a special emphasis on African American art and unconventional “folk art.” They are constantly rotating out their displays, so you can expect to see something new every time you visit. In addition, the architecture of the building, as designed by Richard Meier and later expanded by Renzo Piano, is worthy of admiration in and of itself. The stunning halls and atriums provide the perfect backdrop for highlighting the best art that Atlanta has to offer. Plus, their dedication to uplifting local artists means that by visiting, you are actually benefiting the local community as well. There is an entrance fee, but at $18.50 per adult, it is a relatively cheap way to spend a spare afternoon in Atlanta. 

Atlanta Botanical Garden

A tranquil pond with a sculture of a woman overlooing it

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If you are feeling like you need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, you won't need to go far. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is an ever-evolving celebration of horticulture just a few miles north of downtown. This urban oasis is made up of 30 acres of outdoor gardens, which include a children’s garden, the Storza Woods which includes a canopy walk, and the Skyline Garden. There is also the Fuqua Conservatory, which features displays of poisonous frogs, orchids, and quail. They will also periodically feature exhibits from international artists, put on summertime concerts, and have special events for holidays. Entry into the gardens comes with a roughly $30 price tag, but you could spend the whole day here and not see everything, so we think it is well worth the price of admission.  

The Fox Theater

The iconic sign for the Fox Theater

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Finally, we finish with the historic Fox Theater, which was originally constructed in 1929. At one time, this vintage theater was slated for demolition to make way for a parking lot. Thankfully, the residents of Atlanta banded together to save the building so it could live on and act as a portal to old hollywood. The breathtaking architecture has provided a performance space for acts as big as Madonna. Here you can see performing artists, musical theater, movie screenings, and more. While some events can get very expensive, others can cost as low as $30 for a ticket. If you are interested in seeing this spectacular theater during your visit, you should check their events schedule to see what is showing. Even if you don’t decide to see a show here, it is worth visiting just to see the iconic building for yourself!

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