Fort Lauderdale's Off Season: The Cheapest Time to Go

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From June to November is the slow season in Fort Lauderdale, meaning prices for flights and hotels will be much cheaper. This means that it can actually be a great time to visit for a budget traveler. With less tourists, you can get a better sense of what life is like for the locals and experience the city as it truly is. The trick to avoiding bad weather is to plan your trip last minute, when the forecast is showing sunny skies and the flight prices are at their best. This method can net you a 2 to 3 day impromptu vacation for only a few hundred dollars! Interested? Let’s break down how to take a cheap, last-minute vacation to Fort Lauderdale. 

Finding Cheap Last-Minute Flights to Fort Lauderdale

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Taking a trip to southern Florida during the off season will provide you with the opportunity to get cheaper flights than any other time of year. By planning your trip last minute, you can jump on good deals whenever they come up. As the date of a flight approaches, if all the seats are not filled, the airlines will drop prices in order to sell more tickets. Use fare alerts to keep an eye on live pricing, and you will be able to jump on the good deals as soon as they drop. 

Take Advantage of Exceptional Public Transit

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Fortunately for the budget traveler, Fort Lauderdale boasts an exceptional public transit system that will get you anywhere you need to go. You will primarily be using buses to get around from the airport, to your hotel, and to the beaches and parks. By not having to rent a car or use taxis, you can cut your transportation costs down to almost nothing. You can buy a 3-day bus pass from Broward County Transit for just $12 to get unlimited bus rides for your whole trip! 

Pick a Hotel Between the Airport and Beach

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While it can be tempting to book a hotel close to the beach, they will often have higher prices than hotels that are a bit further away. Since we are relying on public transit, you’ll want to consider the proximity to the airport, to the beach of your choice, and to any other attractions you want to visit. You shouldn’t be spending too much time in the hotel, so stick with a 2 or 3-star hotel. During the off season, it is common to find hotels as low as $50 a night!

Hang Out at Free Beaches

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This is the primary reason people visit Fort Lauderdale, and it is conveniently completely free of charge. All along the coast of southern Florida are amazing beaches for you to explore. Danai Beach is closest to the airport and is a great place for snorkeling, as you can dive down to see the Dania Erojack Artificial Reef. Lago Mar Beach and Las Olas Beach are a little further north, and are closer to urban amenities so you can grab a bite or do some shopping while you are in the area. There are more beaches all along the coast, but these three will be your best bet. 

Visit the Anne Kolb Nature Center

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Just a little ways south of the airport is the Anne Kolb Nature Center at West Lake Park, which is over 1,500 acres of coastal mangrove wetlands. Here you will find trails and boardwalks through dense brush bustling with wildlife, including many endangered species. The center itself includes a 3,500-gallon aquarium, a 68-foot observation tower, an intracoastal fishing pier, and an outdoor amphitheater. While there is an admission fee, it is only a few dollars per person and they offer free admission on weekdays!

Walk Along the Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk

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Our last recommendation for free activities in Fort Lauderdale is the Riverwalk that runs through downtown. This path runs for about 2 and a half miles along the New River, and is lined with scenic parks and stunning architecture. Along the way, you will find plenty of shops and restaurants and can expect to see plenty of people walking their dogs, going for a jog, or just enjoying the sun. This serene oasis is the perfect blend of nature and metropolis.

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