Trusted Travel Gear: The Best New Accessories For Your Next Vacation

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So, you have your next vacation all lined up, and flights are booked, but what about the gear you’re bringing along the way? From the best carry-on luggage to the perfect trunks to stowaway outfits for a long trip, we’ve rounded up the best suitcases below. And we don’t stop there — we’ve also included the best brands for easy travel gear and swag. All-purpose jackets and stylish basics are super important for your travel uniform, and we’ve identified the best places to shop before your next trip. Summer travel awaits, so read below for the top brands to take along on your next last-minute getaway.

Steamline Luggage

Three women walking towards a private jet with their luggage

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Want to feel like an old-school chic explorer? Then look no further than Steamline Luggage. These leather-bound, elegant luggage sets include hatboxes, carry-ons, checked luggage, vanities, and mini trunks for smaller items. The larger trunks are perfect for a long-haul trip, but the carry-ons offer a pop of color and style that you’ll want to accompany you down the runway at the airport. Pick an eye-popping color to ensure your luggage never gets mixed up on the purveyor belt — how about The Correspondent in canary yellow? And the best part is that the trunks serve a purpose even when you’re not on the go — they make wonderful decor for your home or apartment, adding a bit of jet-set glamour to your daily life. 

Helly Hansen

A woman in a windbreaker during a rainstorm

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Whether hiking, skiing, sailing, or camping, Helly Hansen has the perfect outerwear to keep you warm and stylish for all occasions. The outerwear at Helly Hansen is legendary for its ability to look good — and keep you dry — in all circumstances, and we particularly recommend beginning with a simple shell for the perfect layering item on all trips. Also, perfect for layering? Helly Hansen’s array of base layers, of course. And for hardcore hikers, the Offshore Waterproof Duffel Bag is perfect for keeping your belongings dry even in the most unexpected of terrain and weather. Your next adventure into the wild awaits.


Two well dressed people with Peugeot luggage in tow

(Image provided by Peugeot)

If you’re looking for luggage that’s as sleek as a luxury sportscar, then look no further than the eponymous luggage brand by Peugeot. The rolling luggage by Peugeot Voyages is ideal for luxury globetrotters, with 29” rolling trunks and carry-on spinners in muted tones of black and white or sleek, bright red to stand out at the departure gate. Plus, the TSA-approved combination locks ensure that your most prized possessions are safely stored in your hotel room — no need to fiddle with the in-room lockbox. The luggage offerings by the famous brand are perfect for frequent fliers looking for travel gear that’s high-end and hi-tech, as well as practical — perfect for business or leisure travelers. Sportscar lovers should also check out Porsche Design, the eponymous line dedicated to luxury travel gear. 


Camping gear piled together in the woods

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The REI motto is “a life outdoors is a life well-lived,” and with the wide array of the brand’s products, wilderness travel is easier (and more enjoyable) than ever. From hiking boots to backpacks, trail pants to ski jackets, REI is a go-to spot for every type of traveler and every type of vacation. But where REI truly specializes is the great outdoors — their layering items for long-haul treks are particularly useful on adventure trips, and their durable luggage is perfect for enduring the wear-and-tear of a journey venturing into the wild. And, if you’re interested in lessening your eco-footprint (and saving money), you can shop gently used REI items, as well. Plus, if you become a co-op member, you are rewarded for brand loyalty and receive an annual member reward, too, to expand your travel gear selection. The company focuses on promoting sustainable business practices, as well, so with each purchase, you are giving back to the great outdoors. The mountains are calling, and you must go.

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