New York – A City Like No Other

NYC - Times Square

When most people think of New York, they’re really thinking about Manhattan, one of 5 boroughs that  make up the most populated city in the nation.  In fact, during work days, Manhattan sees its population grow to 4 million.  That by itself would make it the second largest city in the nation, with Greater New York City being the #1 populated city in America, with 8+ million residents.

Manhattan is an island that runs 13+ miles from north to south and just 2.3 miles from east to west, but most everything visitors want to see and do is in an area that’s only about 60% of the island from Central Park on the northern edge to Battery Park at the southern tip.

Even this can be further reduced to the area from about 34th Street to 57th Street and then down south from Houston Street to Battery Park.  From 34th to 59th Streets, you’ll find the famous Broadway Theaters, 5th Avenue shopping, the lower end of Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, Macy’s and Madison Square Garden.  From Houston Street heading south, you’ll find yourself in one of the most eclectic sections of the city, with art galleries, performance spaces and some of the most interesting clubs and bars in NYC, ultimately landing in the Financial District and world-famous Wall Street.

NYC Subway

This is the New York most tourists come to know, but it’s far from all that the amazing city has to offer.  Each of the other 4 boroughs has its own unique charms that are well worth taking the time to explore, and you can get to all of them easily on one of the most extensive and efficient train systems in the world.  Just hop on the New York City subway and you can get most anywhere easily; when you travel outside of rush hour, you can get there pretty comfortably as well.

For example, catch the D, N, F or Q trains from 34th Street and 6th Avenue, and before you know it you’ll be in Coney Island, home to the famous Cyclone Roller Coaster, Nathan’s Original Famous Franks and the incredible New York Aquarium.

This is a vast city, and if all you ever explore is just those few square well-trodden miles of Manhattan, you’ll be missing out on more than you might imagine. Don’t limit yourself!  Be bold and wander where few tourists go — it’ll be a rewarding adventure.

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