Anaheim Last Minute

Disneyland in Anaheim

Disneyland in Anaheim

Take a last minute trip to Anaheim, CA and you’d never believe it was once a small town founded by fifty German families back in 1857. Today, Anaheim boasts a population of about 350,000, making it the 10th most populated city in California.

Like so many places in California, Anaheim will have the perfect weather no matter when you choose to visit. While you might catch a little rain in the winter season, summers are almost rainless.

Anaheim is probably most famous for the Disneyland theme park, constructed from 1954 1955, on a 160 acre property that was once filled with orange and walnut trees. Since then, Disneyland has become the area’s biggest attraction. Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Honda Center and the Anaheim Convention Center also draw large crowds of visitors. This and a host of other attractions are sure to keep you busy on your last minute trip.

Called the “Happiest Place on Earth,” Disneyland is filled with attractions, entertainment, dining and shopping and an atmosphere that is stunningly imaginative and even a little magical. Divided into eight theme “lands,” Disneyland gives visitors a taste of a wide variety of places, and is by no means a place just for kids. Anyone with a youthful heart will enjoy Anaheim’s mini paradise. And with many last minute deals to Disneyland in California, fun for the whole family is also affordable.

Strolling through “Main Street USA” park, you’ll get a sense of small town charm that seems to be a throwback to simpler days. Lining the streets are gift shops, candy stores, a soda fountain, and a silent theater that runs early Mickey Mouse films.

If you want a little more action, head to Adventureland, home to a number of thrilling rides set amidst scenery of some of the most exotic regions of Asia, Africa, India and the South Pacific. Tarzan’s Treehouse Jungle Cruise will take you aboard a Mississippi River style paddleboat, and Indiana Jones Adventure will have you going for an exciting ride through an action filled course in all terrain vehicles.

You may be in California, but New Orleans Square brings a bit of the south to you. Check out the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, one the park’s most popular. Or head to Critter Country or Frontierland to get a taste of 19th century America and the splendor of the countryside. A petting zoo and a charming cabin are a few visitor favorites.

But nothing can compare to the fun of Toon Town. Just as they did in the “Roger Rabbit” films, cartoons come alive in this town, which is home to a few rides as well. You can find more classic characters in Fantasyland, which is designed for younger children and includes the famous “It’s a Small World” river ride. Finally, Tomorrowland gives visitors a taste of what the future might look like.

Leave some time to visit Disney’s California Adventure, which opened in 2001. You definitely won’t want to miss this 55 acre extension of the original property that boasts all the best that California has to offer. You’ll get to experience a seaside resort, an “ocean front” amusement park, wine tasting in the valley, and a romp in the California wilderness all within this magnificently themed area!

Keep in mind that there are other fun activities in Anaheim besides Disneyland, if time permits. There’s the Anaheim Indoor Market, Orange County’s largest swap meet with more than 200 vendors and a variety of goods. At the Anaheim Museum, the area’s culture is exemplified by artwork and historical artifacts. You could also pick up some fresh fruit at the Farmer’s Market and Crafts Fair.

Anaheim is calling out to the kid in you bring your family and enjoy the area’s unbelievable attractions. It’s never too late to go on a last minute vacation to this special part of the world.