Anchorage Last Minute

Cruise in Alaska

Cruise in Alaska

Surrounded by the majestic Chugach Mountains in south central Alaska, Anchorage lies just a bit north of Oslo, Hesinki, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. It claims the title of Alaska’s largest city, and with about 280,000 residents, it contains more than 40 percent of the state’s population.

Established in 1914 as a railroad construction port, Anchorage quickly grew and was incorporated in 1920. Now the city has every modern convenience, making it the perfect last minute destination for any traveler who wants to experience something unique.

It’s not as cold here as you might think, as Anchorage has a temperate, maritime climate. Temperatures can reach the 70s from Spring through Fall. And during the Summer Solstice, you may be surprised to find out that Anchorage experiences nearly 24 hours of daylight! On the other hand, winter is a very fun time of year, as visitors can find activities ranging from skiiing, sledding and iceskating to dog mushing and ice fishing. Later in the night, you can view the Northern Lights, or “aurora borealis,” a stunning display that will not soon be forgotten.

Anchorage takes pride in its scenery, and in the summer, you will enjoy the gentle beauty of the flowerbeds planted throughout the city. Hanging baskets brimming with colorful petals give the city a lively feel. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through downtown to see for yourself. Later, when you stop for dinner, you’ll be pleased by the wide variety that Anchorage offers. Everything from Chinese, Greek and Mexican to Thai, Indian and Korean food is available to make your taste buds tingle. Try a bit of delicious fresh fish and you will be truly impressed. Wash it down with a beer at one of the local pubs, or finish your meal with a coffee and a pastry from a comfy coffee shop.

To make the most of your Alaska trip, you might want to see some of nature’s best, such as the salmon that swim upstream in mind-boggling numbers, or even the incredible glaciers in Portage Glacier, 45 miles south of Anchorage.

Of course, this city is brimming with exciting things to do and see. The Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum allows you to get a sense of the state’s aviation history. There is also the Alaska Heritage Library and Museum, which is located in the lobby of a large midtown bank. Artifacts of Alaskan natives, such as paintings and baskets, are on display for visitors to enjoy. Another place to find information on the area’s early residents is the Alaska Native Heritage Center. This resourceful and informative center is located on a 26-acre site close to the Chugach Mountains. Interpretive displays, artifacts and photographs make up the exhibits. Outside, you’ll find five village exhibits that show the culture and tradition of Native Alaskans.

Check out the Alaska Railroad Depot and see the amazing woodwork inside the lobby, the totem poles and the historic engine that was used in the building of the Panama Canal.

The Alaska Zoo is not your typical zoo. Here you’ll find musk oxen, seals, moose, and even Siberian Tigers! Both kids and adults love a fun-filled day at the zoo. Interactive exhibits make the Imaginarium the perfect place to explore. Designed to spark children’s interest and help them learn, this facility even has a planetarium and live animals!

Anchorage is Alaska’s shining star and a perfect example of a city whose stunning natural surroundings mirror the splendor of its cityscape. Come to Anchorage on your next last minute trip!