Calgary Canada Last Minute

Architecture in Downtown Calgary, Canada

Architecture in Downtown Calgary, Canada

Calgary, the largest city in the province of Alberta, Canada, is a dream come true for any last minute traveler who wants to experience exciting city life located within gorgeous natural surroundings. Foothills and highplains make up this area, which is set against the backdrop of the Canadian Rockies. More than a million lucky residents work and play in this dynamic city. Known as a great spot for winter sports and ecotourism, Calgary has more to offer than your typical city.

Calgary leans more toward a cold climate, with very chilly winter months and soothing, cool summer months. But the city’s ranking as the world’s cleanest city by Mercer Quality of Living more than makes up for that fact. Besides, Calgary has devised a clever way to get around the harsh winter cold: the Plus 15. This network of pedestrian walkways spans 10 miles and was built about 15 feet above street level. It’s not surprising that the Plus 15 claims the title of the most extensive skywalk system in the world. You don’t need to worry about the stifling cold on your last minute trip, since most of the downtown highlights can be viewed within these climate controlled walkways.

Tour bus packages can also wisk you around the city to catch some incredible sights. Calgary is divided into four quadants, each offering unique amenities. The Southwest encompasses both the forests of Kananskis Country and the business and residential areas of downtown. Here you can also find the upscale 17th Avenue shopping district, and an area filled with restaurants. The Southeast is an area of heavy industry, but you can find the historic district of Inglewood and the site of Fort Calgary in the North end.

The city’s bus system is extensive, allowing last minute vacationers to get where they need to go with just one fare! But if you really want to get to know the city, head to the Calgary Tower and take it all in at once. You can even enjoy the stunning view from the restaurant and lounge located in the observation deck. It rotates a complete 360 degrees every few minutes, so you won’t miss a thing.

Calgary is such a diverse mix of people, culture and activities that you might feel like you’ve made a last minute visit to several cities in one. You can enjoy a tropical paradise at the Devonian Garden, an indoor facility which houses thousands of plants and features peaceful waterfalls and romantic fountains. If you’d rather be outdoors, a float down the Bow River in a canoe will let you see the surrounding environment.

July in Calgary means the arrival of the Calgary Stampede, dubbed “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” This festival, exhibition and rodeo lasts for 10 days and is one of Canada’s most popular attractions.

Artisans from Beijing built the Temple of Heaven’s Hall of Prayers at the Calgary Chinese Cultural Center. This ornate facility includes a museum, a library, a gift shop, and a restaurant, and is definitely worth checking out.

Built specifically for the 1988 Olympics, the Canada Olympic Park includes an Olympic Hall of Fame, as well as a mountain bike park, skiing and bobsled facilities.

For a taste of local history, you’ll have to plan a trip to the Stephen Avenue Walk, a street filled with sandstone and terra cotta buildings that date from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Thanks to recent renovations, you can find restaurants, shops and galleries within some of these charming edifices.

If you’ve got kids along for the trip, take them to the Calgary Zoo, where they can marvel at the wide variety of exotic animals. There is also Prehistoric Park, a recreation of Alberta during the dinosaur era that includes life size dinosaur statues. If you’re in the mood for more “grown up” activities, though, you can go for a tasting at the Big Rock Brewery, which prides itself on the use of exceptional quality malt barley grown by Alberta farmers.

Are you feeling some last minute luck? If so, the Elbow River Casino is the place for you. Open 24 hours, you can play bingo, blackjack, slot machines and roulette as long as your heart desires (and your wallet allows). Frank Sisson’s Silver Dollar Casino offers the same games, but also entertains with big screen TVs, 40 bowling lanes and three lush lounges.

Calgary offers a wealth of options to keep you fed, relaxed, entertained and amazed. Choose this outstanding metropolis for your last minute trip and you won’t want for anything!