Charleston Last Minute

A statue in the courtyard of The Elliott House Inn located in Charleston, South Carolina

A statue in the courtyard of The Elliott House Inn located in Charleston, South Carolina

An unexpected surprise awaits all last minute travelers who venture to Charleston, South Carolina. Besides a lush, breezy landscape, a charming Old World cityscape will greet you warmly when you arrive. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another era; one of luxury, elegance and prestige.

One of the most prominent places in American history, Charleston was founded in 1670 as a center for trading, made possible by its location on the end of a small peninsula. Unique, historic edifices, winding streets and eye catching accessories like stucco walls and wrought iron balconies give this city the charm that it’s know for. Palm trees add a soothing touch of green to the historic district. There’s nothing more relaxing than strolling through this part of town, enjoying the same sights that other Americans undoubtedly did hundreds of years ago.

Another fabulous feature of Charleston are the public beaches, where you can find great restaurants to indulge in fresh seafood, as well as bars where you can grab a drink and have a lively conversation.

If you’re looking for souvenirs to bring back from your last minute trip, you’ll want to hit the Old Charleston Market, where street vendors offer everything from crafts to jewelry, spices, clothes and trinkets.

History comes alive in Charleston, as you’ll see in a visit to the famous Fort Sumter, the actual site of the first battle that started the Civil War. You can get there by way of a scenic boat trip, which lets you off at the fort, where you can muse at the artifacts inside the Civil War museum.

Another not to be missed attraction is the Boone Hall Plantation, a gorgeous mansion with stunning surrounding grounds that were the model for the grounds of Tara in “Gone with the Wind.” You can tour the formal azalea and camellia gardens, or take a tour of the first floor of the mansion. There is also a live theater at Boone Hall, and across the street at Boone Hall Market, you can purchase in season produce anything from watermelon and tomatoes to broccoli and collards.

Boone Hall Plantation isn’t the only place to view a magnificent dwelling check out Joseph Manigault Mansion, known for its neoclassical architecture, carved mood mantels and elaborate plaster work. Many of the furnishings inside are actually antiques from the Charleston area. Even more historical items can be found in the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon, built in the late 1700’s.

Examples of elegance are everywhere you look in Charleston, like at Charleston Place, a world class hotel, where visitors flock just to admire the hotel’s beautiful interior. Upscale boutiques and specialty shops surround the hotel and add even more luxury to the experience.

If you’ve got kids along for your last minute vacation and everyone needs a little break, your family can head to Splash Zone, a waterpark with two 200 foot tube slides, a 500 foot “lazy river”, a recreational pool, and even a Caribbean play structure. Children under two years old are free!

Charleston has a special charm that can only be described by those lucky enough to experience it firsthand. Your last minute getaway is awaiting you down in beautiful South Carolina!