Denver Last Minute

Denver City & County Building

Denver City & County Building during the Holidays

Known as the “mile high city,” Denver sits on a plateau exactly one mile above sea level, with the beautiful Rocky Mountain range as a backdrop. The capital and most populous city in Colorado, Denver is famous for its unparalleled outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, biking and even rock climbing. Nature lovers will find themselves with plenty to do in Denver, and those seeking to experience its culture will not be disappointed. This extraordinary city is a diamond in the rough and a great choice as a last minute adventure.

Founded in 1858 as a mining town, Denver has come along way to become the booming, bustling metropolis that it is. A visitor to this wonderful place will find that it has many nationally recognized museums, a number of interesting neighborhoods filled with galleries, bars, restaurants and other nightlife attractions, and even the second largest performing arts center in the nation. There are also a number of local and national breweries in the area, and the city’s music scene is as active as ever. A city full of diversity, Denver continues to attract last minute visitors from all over the world.

The Colorado History Museum provides fascinating insight into how Colorado residents once lived. Through a series of dioramas and exhibits, the museum gives visitors a glimpse into the lives of the Indians, explorers, cowboys, gold miners and pioneers who were the area’s first residents. There is even a large diorama of how Denver would have looked in 1860.

A throwback to the days of the Wild, Wild West, Buffalo Bill’s Grave and Museum is another great way to get familiar with Denver’s history. Filled with memorabilia from this famous frontier scout and Pony Express rider, this museum includes gun collections and posters. Last minute visitors can even view his gravesite. If the museum doesn’t quench your thirst for knowledge about this famous rider, you can attend Buffalo Bill’s Birthday celebration in late February at the 100+ year old Buckhorn Exchange Restaurant.

And when you’re on a last minute getaway, there’s nothing more relaxing than taking in the local flora. Head to the Denver Botanical Gardens, where an alpine garden, a Japanese tea garden and a gorgeous water garden will calm and soothe you. But this isn’t the only place to enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature this is just one of 506 public gardens in Denver!

For those who need a little more action in their last minute trip, there’s always Six Flags Elitch Gardens Theme Park. This hundred year old theme park is a mix of thrilling attractions, beautiful floral displays and Old World charm. And having recently moved to a new location downtown, the park offers a myriad of new rides, lagoons, restaurants and amusements.

Denver is not just a place for adults there are plenty of activities that will get people of all ages excited and interested. One such place is the Children’s Museum of Denver, which is filled with fascinating interactive exhibits and activities.

Tiny Town, another kid friendly attraction, offers a unique take on the history of the Old West. This adorable village was built at 1/6 scale and includes an authentic mini steam train that kids can ride through the scenic mountain town.

A spontaneous last minute vacation is a treat for anyone, but if your trip takes you to Denver, it will be especially memorable. No other city can claim to have the character that Denver has, and it is truly a unique stop in a traveler’s trip to the West. Day or night, summer or winter, you’ll find something enjoyable to do in this great town.