Edmonton Canada Last Minute

Downtown Skyline of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Downtown Skyline of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Located on the North Saskatchewan River, the city of Edmonton is a beautifully appointed city that welcomes last minute visitors any time of year. Set amongst fertile farmland in the central region of the province of Alberta, Edmonton is the capital and the second largest city in this province.

Originally, Edmonton was established as “Fort Edmonton” and served as a trading post for the Hudson Bay company. But the fertile soils attracted residents, and the population began to grow, along with commercial and agricultural affairs. Today, Around 750,000 people call this city their home.

Abundant oil reserves were another factor in Edmonton’s growth, which is why it has been called the “Oil Capital of Canada.” But the city’s economy depends on other industries, too, and is today considered a premier research, technology and education center. This modern city has benefited from its solid backbone as an important hub for a diverse group of industry sectors.

Nicknamed “The Festival City,” Edmonton hosts many world class festivals year round, making it a great destination for a last minute trip. You never know what festival will be in town!

Of course, when you’re this far north, weather is a concern for visitors on a spontaneous last minute vacation. And while Edmonton experiences rather cold winters and cooler summers, it averages 12 hours of sunshine a day in the winter and almost 17 hours in the summer! The temperature rarely gets above the mid 70s in the warmer season, making it the ideal place to escape the unbearable heat in other parts of the continent.

Beautiful stretches of urban parkland thread their way through Edmonton, thanks to the extensive river valley park system. This city claims the highest per capita area of parkland of any Canadian city, providing visitors with a variety of experiences, ranging from scenic urban escapes to secluded campsite like retreats. Neighborhood parks also contribute to the abundant greenery. Any last minute visitor will be enchanted by the high number of lakes, ravines, parks and the bike and walking trails. But if you’d rather stay indoors, never fear: the city features a extensive system of underground and overhead walkways that will shield you from cold weather.

Shoppers will want to hit up the Old Strathcona historic district, or maybe take a trip to the incredible West Edmonton Mall, the largest in North America! You’ll be stunned, not only by the unbelievable variety of stores and shops, but by the extra attractions that makes this more than just a massive shopping center. Over 5.2 million square feet make up the mall, and it features more than 800 stores, 20 movie theaters, and 100 dining options. In addition to an indoor water park, ice skating rink, a casino and a hotel, you’ll even find an amusement park here.

Nightlife is alive and bustling in Edmonton. Head to Whyte Avenue to have a beer in a pub or catch a last minute bite to eat at one of the many restaurants. There are also theaters, music and comedy shows to keep you entertained.

History lovers will want to visit Fort Edmonton Park, a historical replica of the 1846 fort. You can stroll down streets recreated as they would have been in 1885, 1905 and 1920. The steam train and a streetcar will get you around, while historical interpreters give you a feel for what life was like as an early pioneer.

The Valley Zoo is perfect for families, with its theme of nursery rhyme characters, rides, demonstrations, hands on activities and of course, domestic and exotic animals. Come have lunch at one of the picnic sites, or grab something at the lunch bar.

Edmonton combines a serene landscape with modern sense of sophistication. Through the years, this city has accumulated not only a solid base in a variety of industries, it has outdone many other cities in the way it embraces the surrounding natural beauty. Book a last minute flight and see for yourself – Edmonton is one of a kind!