Key West Last Minute

Key West Sunset

Key West Sunset

A special treat lies at the very southernmost tip of the United States: Key West. This hidden gem is less than 10 square miles in area, but encompasses so many great things that last minute visitors might find that hard to believe. It’s only about 90 miles from Cuba and about 130 miles from Miami, but Key West is in a class all its own.

A mix of both tourist-friendly spots and quaint, quiet residential areas, this charming island is home to beaches, resorts, and just about anything you could want on a vacation. While it’s small, Key West is a destination chosen by many vacationers from around the world. Beautiful, sunny days woven into a lush, tropical wet and dry climate make this laid-back haven even more attractive.

To get a good sense of the culture of this unique place, you’ll want to see both its historic and its modern sides. Take a trip to Old Town and go for a stroll in the Key West Historic District. This is where you’ll find Duval Street, one of the most well known tourism spots on the island that boasts a number of shopping and dining options. Fun nightlife options can be found here, too. Over in New Town, you can check out the more modern aspects of the island, like shopping centers and residential neighborhoods.

If your last minute vacation brings you to Key West mostly to relax, you’ll have plenty of places to lay out and enjoy the sun and sand on the beach. If sunbathing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of water activities you can engage in: snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, jet skiing, etc.

Those interested in literature will be enchanted by Hemingway House, where Hemingway actually wrote some of his novels. For a little more action, head to the Key West Aquarium, where you can see many different species of aquatic wildlife busy in their habitats. Guided tours will get you acquainted with all kinds of sea life, and the Touch Tank gives you a more hands-on introduction to conchs, crabs, and sea urchins.

When it’s time to eat, head to Mallory Square and try the island’s best known dish, conch. Once your belly is full, you can stroll through the shops of the square or just relax and people watch in this active island hangout.

To really experience the tropical feel of Key West, take a trip to Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden and view the rare collection of tropical plants and botanical prints. This soothing garden will truly give you that magical feeling most often experienced on vacation.

Key West may be small, but it boasts endless possibilities when it comes to a fun and exciting last minute trip.