Maui Last Minute

Maui Beach

Maui Beach

Few vacation destinations in the world can compete with the lush paradise known as Maui. This last minute tropical spot combines unique island culture with rare and modern luxuries. With a population of just over 115,000, Maui is able to provide vacationers with a relaxing atmosphere that is free from the hustle and bustle of most modern areas.

Located between two other famed vacation spots, Oahu and Hawaii, Maui holds it own in this collection of islands. A dormant volcano known as Haleakala reigns over the island at an amazing height of over 10,000
feet. Dominating as it might be, its eruptions millions of years ago helped create this gorgeous piece of land. And now the beauty and mystery of this volcano attracts visitors from all over the world.

Polynesians were the first to populate Maui, and the influence of these inhabitants can still be seen throughout the island today. Some of the island’s best known exports are coffee, macadamia nuts, papaya and pineapple. Last minute visitors love to pick up these treats and bring them home to enjoy long after the vacation is over.

Every minute spent in Maui is breathtaking, so no matter what you choose to do, you will be in a state of bliss. Perfect weather and easy access to the ocean make outdoor activities, like swimming, sailing and snorkeling, very appealing. Even those who aren’t normally fond of the outdoors will find themselves basking in the irresistible sunshine and fresh air that Maui provides. One of the best ways to experience it is to take a cruise down The Hāna Highway, which runs along the east coast of Maui and gives visitors spectacular views of the island’s natural beauty. While exploring the island, one great stop is Lāhainā, which is home to an entire street of shops and restaurants for the curious last minute vacationer.

While the island only encompasses 279 square miles, there is a seemingly endless supply of things to do and see. No matter how much time you have here, it won’t be enough!