Orlando Last Minute

Disney World in Orlando

Disney World in Orlando

A bundle of unique and fun attractions, Orlando itself is Florida’s biggest attraction. Once a major citrus-growing region, the Orlando area now draws millions of visitors to its wealth of sunshine, shopping, entertainment and family fun.

The city’s name is almost synonymous with the area’s resorts and attractions, including Walt Disney Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld. Whether last minute travelers come for the famed resorts or for the other enticing experiences that the area has to offer, it will be no mystery as to why so many people are enamored with this enchanting place.

Part of that undoubtedly involves the weather, which consists of very warm summers and moderate winters. Even in January, it is not rare to see the temperature hover around 70 degrees in the daytime. Because of the climate, greenery is abundant, with palm trees and landscaped gardens a common theme. The sunshine is perfect for a last minute vacation that includes outdoor activities, and the area offers plenty: biking, hiking, water sports, exploring parks and recreational areas, etc.

A diverse music scene is thriving in Orlando and encompasses a wide variety of genres, such as hip hop, metal, rock, reggae and Latin. Another industry that is doing very well is retail. In fact, Orlando has experienced tremendous growth in this market, making it a shopper’s paradise.

While most people come to Orlando to experience the more well-known attractions, there are plenty of hidden gems in this city to amaze and delight last minute visitors. The Orlando Museum of Art, the Orlando Science Center and the Orange County Regional History Center are just a few. You won’t want to miss the Happy P. Leu Gardens, a 50 acre sprawling space of botanical variety. Another interesting choice would be the Mennello Museum of American Folk Art, which includes exhibitions and a beautiful outdoor sculpture garden.

Orlando definitely delivers on its promise when it comes to providing a magical experience. Whether you choose to visit the area’s best-loved parks and resorts or branch out and create a more customized last minute vacation, there will be no doubt that you picked the right place. Orlando has it all!