Tucson Last Minute

Left Mitten rock formation near Tucson

Left Mitten rock formation near Tucson

An unexpected surprise can be found amidst vast desert sands and majestic mountain ranges. Tucson is surrounding by abundant natural beauty, and while it doesn’t seem the most likely place for a city, this metropolis has flourished and can actually claim the title of one of the US’s oldest cities.

Tucson lies on a plain in the Sonoran Desert, just 118 miles from Phoenix and 60 miles from Mexico. A variety of influences has given Tucson a unique culture that both residents and visitors find enchanting. Currently, over 520,000 people reside in this diamond in the rough, which boasts a cityscape where traditional adobe architecture mixes with sleek, modern edifices.

Tucson’s lack of cold winter weather makes it a popular destination for travelers. As any last minute vacationer will find, this city enjoys gorgeous, sunny days all year round.

Developed on a grid plan, Tucson has a number of distinct neighborhoods, each with their own identity. Some of the historic neighborhoods are Barrio Historico, El Presidio, Armory Park, West University, Sam Hughes, Iron Horse and the Pie Allen District. Tucson is also home to the University of Arizona.

Downtown you’ll find a unique mix of attractions and historical landmarks. Hotels and theaters designed and built in the early 20th century give the city a nostalgic and mysterious feel. The Pima County Courthouse, for example, was designed in the 20s, while St. Augustine Cathedral has been standing since 1896. Besides beautiful architecture, Tucson offers wonderful outdoor experiences with its expansive park system. Over 120 parks can be found here, including five public golf courses.

Reid Park is one of Tucson most popular parks, and with a baseball complex, a quaint lake with ducks and paddle boats, an amphitheater, a golf course, and even its own zoo, it’s easy to see why. Pack a lunch and come down to the park for an afternoon picnic. Or you could head to the Tucson Botanical Gardens, a splendid array of greenery in the heart of the city. Escape to an exotic locale in the Tropical Exhibit, or check out the cactus garden or the butterfly garden.

Tucson’s museums provide fascinating glimpses into the lives of both the human and the animal inhabitants of the region. At the nearby Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, visitors can check out the exhibits not only at the natural history section of the museum, but they can also experience the calming botanical garden and the exotic zoo.

The oldest and largest anthropology museum in the region, the Arizona State Museum boasts interesting exhibits that demonstrate life in the southwest. And while that may not be interesting to kids, rest assured that the Tucson Children’s Museum will pique their interest. This interactive facility is tons of fun and even includes a dinosaur exhibit with realistic models.

Movie lovers will get a thrill out of Old Tucson Studios, which stands as an example of a town in the 1880s, only this one occasionally comes to life: it is actually a film studio! In fact, more than 300 cowboy movies have been filmed here. Guests will enjoy the live western shows, pony rides and the steam train.

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Tucson is more than just a large city in Arizona. It’s the perfect example of how life can be lush and beautiful in the middle of the desert. Plan your last minute trip to Tucson now and you’ll be on your way to the experience of a lifetime!