West Palm Beach Last Minute

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is a popular destination in South Florida for a number of reasons. First, the tropical summer days and the cool, dry winters are perfect for hosting last minute travel. Second, the city has innumerable entertainment and recreation options that span the spectrum, from shopping and dining establishments to museums and nightlife. Finally, West Palm Beach is of course known for its waterfront and the range of attractions and activities that can be found there.

Arriving in West Palm Beach after a last minute flight, visitors will be dazzled by the well-manicured downtown. The city has gone to great lengths to improve itself, and with a strong economy driven by a variety of industries, it is easy to see why the area is filled with positive energy. Situated near other highly populated areas in the state and nestled between Palm Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, this city belongs to a metropolitan area that has over 5 million residents.

Those who love shopping will be thrilled to take a trip to CityPlace, a breathtaking center that encompasses the best of shopping and entertainment. Free parking and additional trolley service make this impressive city-within-a-city a great choice for an afternoon (or whole day) of fun and relaxing indulgence.

Of course, not everyone will want to be indoors when the sun is shining and the water is sparkling and blue. Feel free to pursue the ultimate in watersports, all of which are readily available. Swimming, snorkeling, diving, boating and fishing are just a few of the things that you can enjoy.

Attractions are abundant in West Palm Beach, and one family favorite in particular is the 22-acre Dreher Park Zoo. More than 500 animals make their home here, and a children’s zoo makes the wildlife very accessible for young ones. Another winner is Rapids Water Park, with its enclosed water slides, wave pool, action river and splash lagoon. A picnic at Phipps Ocean Park, which has picnic tables, grills, and a relaxing beach, would be a nice transition to more quiet evening activities.

West Palm Beach is not without its appreciation for culture, as visitors can see at the Norton Museum of Art. Also, the Morikamo Museum and Japanese Gardens boasts a lush, gorgeous collection of plants, as well as a nature trail, a library, snack bar and picnic pavilions.

While Florida is a common destination for last minute travelers, it is no surprise that so many people love the culture, entertainment and attractions that can be found specifically in West Palm Beach. It is constantly revitalizing and reinventing itself, so hurry and get yourself acquainted with this awe-inspiring city.