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Carmel and Monterey Last Minute

Monterey, California is a gorgeous seaside community with the kind of unique culture and character only found in a handful of towns in the US. While the population is only around 30,000, the city has made a name for itself as a haven for artists, fisherman, scuba divers and last minute visitors who are all drawn to its unparalleled beauty.

Monterey was actually once the capital of California, from 1777 to 1849. under the flags of Mexico and Spain. The weather is ideal and usually hovers around 65 degrees. Monterey has about 70 rainy days a year, and in the winter months, a little snow falls in the higher elevations of the Santa Lucia Mountains and the Gabilan Mountains, but don’t expect snow to fall in Monterey itself anytime soon!

A perfect destination for a last-minute vacation, Monterey boasts wonderful dining experiences, thanks to delicious local California wines and abundant fresh seafood. Lots of restaurants in the area can offer you the best in whatever happens to be in season.

The scenery in Monterey is one of the area’s biggest draws. Since this city lies within the Monterey Peninsula, ranging in altitude from sea level to 360 feet, you can catch a stunning view of the Pacific coastline by way of a winding stretch of road that spans the area. You’ll get a glimpse of magnificent mansions, dramatic vistas, redwood forests, sheer cliffs, and white sand beaches. As you follow the Bay, you may choose to stop at Pebble Beach or one of the adjacent courses for some last minute golf. You could even take a hike on one of the many available nature trails. Called the 17-mile drive, this stretch of scenery is unique to the area and is a splendid summary of all that makes Monterey shine brightly.

Pfieffer Big Sur State Park can give you even more breathtaking views, as it is home to serene waterfalls, ancient redwoods, rocky islands, and coves. Pacific Grove isn’t far, so it’s worth checking out this “Butterfly Town,” where millions of orange and black monarch butterflies flutter about. If you were to head there by bicycle, you would pass Cannery Row, another famous attraction.

Besides being home to the world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium, which showcases the wonderful marine life of Monterey Bay, Cannery Row is a great place for visitors to shop, dine and enjoy a steaming cup of brew. This charming area is a historical site that once served the sardine industry.

Scuba divers find Monterey to be the perfect spot to dive, given the abundance of marine life, including sea lions, sea otters, harbor seals, kelp forests, and dolphins that all contribute to make a diverse underwater environment. Classes are available at San Carlos State Beach and range from novice to expert.

Travelers to Monterey can also witness a bit of the area’s action down at Fisherman’s Wharf, which is the center of activity for whale watching, cruises, and shopping and dining along the waterfront. Rent out a sea kayak, a bicycle or a surfboard and make an afternoon of it.

Of course, Monterey can’t be mentioned without bringing up one of its most recognized former residents. Famous author Jon Steinbeck was born here, and the National Steinbeck Center commemorates the author with exhibits and theaters that highlight his work. If you go in August, you can catch the three days Steinbeck Festival, which features films, lectures, and tours.

Whether you come for the attractions, the mild weather, the history or the unparalleled views, you will not be disappointed by Monterey. Book a vacation in Monterey now and you’ll be on white sandy beaches before you know it!